New Beginnings and Big Thank Yous!

CRACK! That’s the champagne popping!
Today, Day 14 of the Kickstarter Campaign we met the goal!
Thank you to everyone that pledged their support, consistently shared with others, and cheerleaded for us. Y’all are the best; I truly believe that nothing worth accomplishing can be done alone. Congratulate yourselves as it’s your time to pat yourself on the back and be proud! Now, the excitement sinks in as we look forward to deliver the first 100 copies to the first 58 “Turtle Keepers” (aka customers).

This is the beginning of a new journey, that you all are the reason for, keep tuned in through the next year as we go on the road to bring the book to kids. Journey with us as we visit libraries, schools, and festivals. It’s gonna take a lot of work with scheduling and reaching out, but nothing will stop us now!